Founders of Linnalegendid (City Legends) Ltd. are Mrs. Madeleine Tults and Mr. Pear Väli. Madeleine has a long and deep history in foreign affairs, communications and training, Pear has been managing marketing, running an ad agency and created the furniture brand Incognito.

In Linnalegendid our work and life experiences meet with common objectives. We have discovered some inspiring pearls in Europe that we wish to share with you. Love of France and its culture took us to Champagne where we selected nine champagne houses whose fantastic produce we represent in Estonia.

The necessity to find better and more versatile materials for interior design found an answer in Portugal where a unique wood material Valchromat is made. We are the official representative of Valchromat in Estonia selling also to Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Good things come to life when there is courage to dream and think great thoughts. We are continuously open and looking around the world with curiosity. In case something convinces us we will try it.

More important than beautiful interiors or superior tastes are the way of thinking and values. People who think alike make great things happen. With trustworthy comrades who are looking in the same direction one may go even to the end of the world and bring home the holy grail or stay there and create a new life according to one’s own rules.

The world that we live in is the world that we choose to live in. Our beliefs are the corner stones of our quality of life. To find new aspects to yourself be open to experiments and test yourself, meet new people. Enjoy and first of all live!

Values that lead our life are very well expressed by the Holstee manifesto: