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▾ Champagne Frédéric Malétrez

Frédéric Malétrez Brut Reserve Premier Cru was an inspiration for us to get into the business of importing champagne to Estonia. This champagne is the house champagne of Mövenpick hotels and we tasted it in Berlin while staying at one of their hotels. In Chamery chez Malétrez it became obvious that all his champagnes have great character and are exciting as the Burt Reserve.

▾ Champagne Roger Brun

The Brun family have been making wine already since the French Revolution. Initially they concentrated on red wine but at the beginning of the 20th century when Roger Brun started working at Moet & Chandon love of champagne overtook him. The champagne house of Roger Brun is in Ay, one of the seventeen Grand Cru villages, right next to the church. Now Roger’s grandson Philippe Brun is running the business.

▾ Champagne Varnier-Fanniere

Varnier-Fanniere family has been growing vines in Côte des Blancs region in Grand Cru village Avize already since 1860. Until 1947 when grandfather Jean bottled his first own champagne grapes were sold to large producers. All Varnier-Fanniere champagnes are made of 100% Chardonnay grapes.

▾ Champagne Marguet

Benoit Marguet is the revolutionary of bio-dynamic production in Ambonnay another Grand Cru village His fields are harvested with horses and he combats parasites with herbs and aromatherapy. Wine fermenting in oak casks is listening to classical music. Benoit’s poetic soul is well recognisable in his champagnes that are best suited to sensitive personalities.

▾ Champagne Jacques Copinet

Jacques Copinet is the Southernmost of our selection. It was established in 1975 by Jacques Copinet and now his daughter is running the house whose husband is the maître de cave. Most of Copinet fields are in Montgenost known for its excellent Chardonnay. Pinor Noir'i is grown in Verpillières sur Ource and Meunier in grande vallée de la Marne (Montigny, Cuchery & Brouillet). Their champagnes are very happy and sunny.

▾ Champagne François Dauvergne

Dauvergne family is fifth generation winemakers in Bouzy, Montagne de Reims Grand Cru area. Soil facing South gives their wines a special structure and character. Historically the family fields have grown excellent Pinot Noir. Side by side with François his sons Aurélien and Maxime have created their own champagnes.

▾ Champagne Michel Tixier

Michel Tixier production building, cellar and representative hall are located in Chigny-les-Roses that was named in honour of the famous champagne widow Madame Pommery and her beautiful rose garden. Michel Tixier’s five hectares of vine fields are situated in eight villages in three areas: La Montagne de Reims, La côte des Blancs and La Vallée de la Marne. This variety allows him to blend the most wonderful champagnes.

▾ Champagne Lancelot-Pienne

One of the two champagne families making up Lancelot-Pienne, Lancelot, are heirs of the well known knight Lancelot. To celebrate this historic fact one of their great champagnes is named Table Ronde. This family has been growing vines for 120 years in the heart of Champagne in Cramant. Since the end of WW II they began making their own champagnes. The special trait of this house is much attention to expressing the terroir (ground) in the taste of their champagnes.

▾ Champagne Gabriel Pagin et Fils

Gabriel Pagin and sons are situated in Avenay, Val d'Or. Their fields are both in Premier Cru as well as Grand Cru villages. The leading thought in their champagne making is liberty of expression, liberté d'expression, by what they mean letting nature, grapes, wines express themselves naturally. The house has received numerous eco-friendly farming awards.