Spesial-Design | Project 366: One product a day. One photo a day

Spesial-Design (Natur & Miljøforskning DA), a family company located in the western of Norway, focus on working with special adapted design within interior and construction, especially with Valchromat. At the moment, Spesial-Design has in Instagram a 366 project, where the company publishes a product a day/one photo a day with citations of innumerous authors.
The products are designed, developed and produced in one and same spot. Everything is touched with human hands, and they have a great focus on environmental and ecological sustainability.

“Valchromat® captured our attention several years ago, in the search for a new material that could fit our needs for a colored material in the most environmental friendly way. It was like a dream come true. A naturally organic colored material with no toxins. The sustainability and the low environmental impact in the production line was just amazing, and left us with no doubt that this was the right choice for us. Additionally it is a beautiful material to work with, which can be highly recommended. Valchromat® is truly a product for our future earth!” - Spesial-Design.

Project 366 in Instagram.
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