The added value of Valchromat comes not only from colour but also from its distinctive composition and manufacturing process.

It is a wood fibre panel coloured throughout, where fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic dyes and bonded together by a special resin which gives Valchromat unique physic and mechanical features.

Valchromat is ideal for machining and 3D routing.

Valchromat is not MDF. It is an evolution of the MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and is clearly superior to coloured MDF.

Over the last 35 years MDF has never really been completely accepted by specialists as an adequate product for different finishes and decorative purposes. Valchromat has broken this taboo by introducing a new aesthetic concept of its own. Therefore not only do its chemical and physical-mechanical characteristics comply with MDF specifications, but also its standards that guarantee limitless decorative applications. Valchromat is at least 30% stronger and more stable/resistant than standard MDF board. It is completely moisture resistant, provided the correct finish is applied. Valchromat increases the life span of tools used in its manufacturing due to alubricant agent in its composition.

Main differences:
  • It is moisture resistant.
  • It has greater internal cohesion and, therefore, higher mechanical strength.
  • It allows working in three dimensions – mechanization.
  • It has greater resistance to bending.
  • It requires less effort of finish.
  • It ensures a lower abrasion of tools.