For Valchromat efficient use and conservation, it is recommended to:
  • Stack the panels horizontally, without contact with the ground.
  • Protect the panels until use.
  • Cut with properly sharpened tools.
  • Handle with care to prevent working accidents.

Due to natural variation of the wood’s hue, the panels can also present some colour variation among themselves or between each of their faces. To prevent this situation, it is recommended the following precautions:
  • Select the panels before starting the work, as it is made with wooden sheets and planks.
  • Whenever possible, use planks from a single batch for each job.


Valchromat accepts different types of finishes: varnish (matte, glossy, aqueous polyurethane, UV resistant, fire resistant, etc.), waxes and oils.

Very importantly: finishes, fixing systems and uses are identical to those used for wood.

Before any finish, it is necessary to do a convenient preparation of Valchromat with quality abrasives:
  • Slightly sand the surface, verifying that you are using the same process in each panel – the shade is more stronger in the surface than within the panel.
  • Remove carefully all the dust on the surface, and apply the finishing. Pay attention to dust, even on the air, it can change the final panel aspect.